China's super computer - Tianhe-2

China has build a new super computer which is about 74% faster than present fastest super computer at USA and Japan.Its name is given Tianhe-2 (also called Milkyway-2).

According to Computer World, the supercomputer can reach speeds of up to 54.9 petaflops. It has been built with Intel's chips, but also includes Chinese technology. The country's government has spent about $290 million building the computer.

It operates as fast as 30.7 petaflops - quadrillions of calculations per second.It runs Linux and has storage of 12.4 PB and memory of 1.4 PB.It also has 48,000 Xeon Phi chips, which is a co-processor based on Intel's Many Integrated Core architecture. Each of the Xeon Phi processors is capable of more than a Teraflop of speed.


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