Care your Mobile Battery

Good care must be taken to ensure that a battery lasts a long life, this includes paying attention to it's charging cycles, the temperature, using the proper charger, etc. Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind.

Your Li-ion battery has a limited number of charge cycles as time progress the capacity of the battery is going to reduce by a little bit till the point that you cannot aford to unplug the charger from your phone at all. As average  Li-on battery lasts about 1200 charges cycles. For example, if there are 365 days in a year and let's say you charge 3000 times a year, your battery should last 4 years before needing a replacement.

Li-on batteries also suffer from what is termed as the memory effect. When a battery is charged after having only been partially discharged, it sort of "remembers" the partial capacity, so the battery will show that it is fully charged when  it actually is not.  Given the cut-off mechanism in phones these days, when a battery tells that it is full the phone stops the charging, thus as your battery progress through its charging cycles, your battery life reduces by a small amount each time. This is why you should always discharge your phone as much as possible before commencing another charge cycle (i.e plugging the charger in).

How to protect

Use a few of your phone’s features as necessary to reduce consumption. Switch off Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G when not needed, smart phones these days come with a quick menu wherein these features can be managed without much fuss. Adjust the screen brightness to a level that is easy on the eyes and at the same time lower that half the screen’s brightness to ensure a long discharge cycle.An important factor to a consider for phones slightly older would be to use the proper charger that came with it, as the amperage of the current inflow may cause the battery to bloat if it is higher than what the battery was designed to handle. Nowadays phones use USB to charge so any compatible outlet should do fine but stay away from cheap chargers as they might not be up to standard and could cause some damage to your device. More at


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