Working with blogger (tutoral 2)


 This is the second tutoral of WORKING WITH BLOGGER. In my previous post, I guided you through signing up in blogger and making new blog. In this post, I will teach you how to make posts in the blogger.


step 1. Open and signin. You will reach to blogger dashboard. Click on the  orange tab on the right side of your blog to create a new post. Click the image below to see

step 2. Give any title to the post and make any post that you want. Use the menu table given to insert links, images, URLs, editing fonts,etc. Click on publish to publish your link to your page.

step 3. You can insert a video in you blog by copying the embeded codes in your post. Open video sites like or anyother sites. Click "share" and embded and you will get the embded codes. "Copy" the code and go to your blog post editing , click "html" and paste the code.

                                          CHANGING YOUR BLOG'S TEMPLETE

step 1.  Go to your blogger dashboard (

step 2.  Click on your blog name in the bloglisting to get the details of your blog. Click the image below to see.

step 3. Click on "templetes". Select any templete that you like. Click on "". Click the image below to see.

step 4. You can even download templetes from the sites and use it in your blog. To do that, download any templete from any site. Then extract the zip file into a folder.

step 5. Go to blogger dashborad, click on your blog in the blog listing. Click on "templete".

step 6. Click on "Backup/Restore". If you want to save your current templete then click on "Download Fulll Templete".

step 7. Cilck "browse" to select the location of your xml file from the templete that you have just downloaded. Click "upload". Click the images to see

 So that much for this time. Keep visiting the blog to get more tips using blogger to earn money. In my next blog, I will teach you how to make money online using your blog. If you have any query, post a comment down here. Thank you for visiting.


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