Locking drive with bitlocker without restarting

You might have used Bitlocker to protect your drive from being accessed by others. If you haven't used bitlocker then don't worry I will guide you through the process later in this post. If you unlocked the drive locked with bitlocker, you have to restart the machine again to lock the drive. So I will guide you through some very simple yet the most effective process to lock your unencrypted drive again without restarting.

First I will guide you through the process of encrypting the drive through bitlocker. This is for those who don't know how to use bitlocker. If you have used bitlocker then please skip these steps and goto the next steps down here.

1. Goto "control panel"

2. Click on "BitLocker Drive Encryption"


3. Select the drive which you want to lock with bitlocker and click "Turn on Bitlocker" But remember, once the encryption part is started, you should not shutdown or restart your computer until the encryption is finished. Otherwise your whole drive would get damages and you will have yo format your drive. So if you have lots of datas stored in the drive, first move the files to some other location and put only few files in the drive which you want to lock.

4. Then provide the password that you want to use to unlock the drive in the furture. Then follow the steps properly.

5. Then setup will begin encrypting your drive, it will take a while depending upon your system and the space used by the disk. After the encryption finishes, your machine will reboot and the drive will be locked.

6. To unlock the drive you will just need to double click on the drive and provide the password that you set for it.

So the problem that you and most of the users will face is that when you unlock the drive, you will have to restart the system to lock the drive again. Well here's the solution. As I promised before, here are the simple steps to lock your drive again without restarting your computer.

1. Right click on "Command Prompt" and click "Run as administrator".
2. Now type manage-bde -lock x: on command prompt where,
                                                     'x' is drive letter u want to unlock

3. That's  it. Your drive will be locked again.


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